In Japan, the word “medicine” such as cannabis and stimulant drugs will come out, and the media will make a noise like an allergic reaction. Drugs with high dependency such as stimulants may be natural, but cannabis may be an overreaction in Japan.

Looking around the world, for example, in the Netherlands some small and medium addictive drugs such as cannabis are legal as a preventive measure to prevent them from being run by addictive and more addictive drugs. If you walk around Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, you will find bars with cannabis marks where you can legally trade drugs.

A dramatic drug-legal country like the Netherlands is rare even if you look around the world. Cannabis has been legalized entirely. Until then, medical cannabis was used for cancer patients to reduce pain, as well as to reduce severe epilepsy symptoms and nausea as a side effect of treatment. After this bill was enacted, not only patients with these special circumstances but also other patients were eligible for medical cannabis.

We believe that these movements are based on differences in treatments and ways of thinking about pain in Japan and Western countries including Australia. In Japan, it is important to reduce pain, but after considering the condition of the body, we first select a treatment that balances pain and damage to the body. I put weight on it.

In my experience, I received treatment in both Japan and Australia with the same disease name. In Japan, it took a little time, but first, a method of gradually suppressing pain with intravenous drip was taken. The pain continued for a while, but after treatment there was no problem with my body and I was able to walk home. In Australia, I was signed by a document stating “I will do this treatment” and “Some side effects may appear in this way”, and I suddenly hit morphine to get rid of the pain. After 10 seconds, there was a feeling that the waist fell and the pain disappeared in an instant. The pain disappeared, but it was hard to vomit and dizziness occurred with a slight shaking, vomiting while moving in a wheelchair, and vomiting as soon as I arrived by taxi. The next few days I suffered from vomiting and dizziness.

Morphine was also used to calm a baby who was crying because of pain when an acquaintance’s baby got a burn on her hand, not just me who received this kind of treatment. The pain was certainly suppressed and the baby stopped crying. However, even though it is a morphine for babies, it must be a powerful medicine, so the baby, like me, seemed not focused on her eyes as a few days.

Despite the purpose of taking pain, the risk of using powerful drugs for treatment is also the subject of debate in the Australian medical community, and cannabis based on plants in nature compared to their artificially produced drugs The idea that there is little impact on the human body is one of the reasons that medical cannabis is promoted.

Problems of medical cannabis in Australia

Medical cannabis is legal and the government has determined, but various problems have not been solved yet. At present, there are many medical professionals who question the impact of medical cannabis on the human body. There are other parts (which can be said to be the biggest problem in Australia), but how to manage and manage medical marijuana in the future has not been decided. There are places where the feeling cannot be denied.

Speaking of medical cannabis, the ingredients are the same as cannabis, which is not approved for use by the general public in Australia, so unfortunately there are always people who want to get it for illegal use. The Australian unified management system that knows whether it is being used properly by patients who really need medical cannabis is currently in a fragile state.

Not only the patients at the end but also the original growers and producers, the government has established various regulations and reviews, but even the EMS, which is a common express mail delivery system, cannot be delivered properly. There are many questions about whether it can be managed without delay even though it is a national character.

From the Japanese point of view, there is no image of linking medical cannabis to business, but there are people in the world who consider banning medical cannabis as a great business opportunity. Next time, I will write from a medical cannabis and business perspective.