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M&A support

M&A support

It is an M & A that aims to reduce the time it takes for Japanese companies to acquire foreign companies and start their own business from 1 and put them on track, but there are many cases where things have not progressed as expected by the Japanese side. Foreigners have a clear statement of intention, which is quite different from Japanese who follow the business order.

It is notable to receive a backlash from the local people if you suddenly push Japanese style just because you have done M & A and acquired the management right of the company. Managing human resources with more cultures than languages ​​is expected to be difficult. We are also waiting for negotiations with tough foreigners. Negotiations can not be established if this request has been imposed.

Of course, if you accept all of their requests, it is unnecessary to negotiate in the first place. At our company, professionals who have always had negotiations with foreign companies fully support you.


1)List M & A companies

It’s not easy to do M & A for companies in different cultures. Easy matching has a major impact on subsequent management operations. Not only companies that are currently on the market, we feel the sympathy of customers, and we will list companies that are positive for coexistence.

2)Target company analysis, survey

It is not possible to judge the true business condition from the balance sheet and financial statements such as financial statements submitted. Due diligence in which professional experts assess, evaluate and survey is very important.

3)Discussion with local companies

If you put up your mind suddenly and with no conditions, you will not be able to negotiate a successful one. First of all, you will need to go on site and have a discussion with the management team of your company. Please be assured that we will not only interpret the words of both sides, but also have a business-skilled staff who will facilitate the discussion.

4)Condition presentation & negotiation

In Japan, I think that some people can not buy or sell business, but some sellers have a poor sense of business results or have a sense of selling in a nuanced manner, but if it is determined that a company with sufficient profits overseas is a good business, it depends on negotiations Buy and sell is established.

However, the negotiation starting from the condition presentation is very tough and will be long. This is the most difficult M & A mission that requires strong negotiation skills and advanced situational judgment to find out where to go.

5)Content check of contract

Even if it is a condition that we promised at the negotiation stage, I can not feel relieved until I sign the contract. Unlike Japan, contracts are absolute overseas, and modifications after signing will result in a penalty. In addition, there are few cases where the contract can be vague expressions that can be taken with both A and B, and there is a possibility that the customer will be disadvantaged later.

We will read the contents of the contract clearly before the customer signs, and confirm the contents properly such as deletion and revision.

6)Company, product introduction, image, video delivery in English on the Xiphos Website

Japanese common sense is not common sense in the world. There are many parts that can not be communicated only by the text, and we use videos and images to promote to foreign companies more deeply.

・Company, product introduction video 1 minute (with English translation subtitles)
・5 images of products and services (an expert photographer arranged by Xiphos.)
・Company, product description English up to 800 characters
 It will be posted on the Xiphos website
・Top page each category target industry
・Top page FEATURED COMPANIES section (random display)

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