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We pick up items that many questions from everyone and questions that can be expected when you go overseas, and post it here in the form of FAQ. We will update the FAQ regularly, so please refer to it.

Q1. Overseas sales are likely to be difficult. I'm scared because I don't know what to do.
Basically, there is no difference from overseas or in Japan as a way to find suppliers and develop sales channels.

The only difference is the difference between language and commercial law.

Q2. Overseas expansion has a large budget and personnel burden on the company, and what happens if it fails?
To put it in a nutshell overseas expansion is not the only way to establish a company overseas and set up a base, and employ offices, production bases and local people.

Without having a base overseas, there is also a method to export products from Japan, or to produce products in response to requests from overseas. The former, of course, has a great deal of financial risk, but the latter is almost low risk if you use the service of Xiphos.

Q3. Communication with foreign countries is troublesome, I do not understand English.
It differs depending on the brand you chose, but all the troublesome exchanges with foreign companies are handled by the company. Please rest assured!
Q4. What does Xiphos do?
First of all, your products, technologies and strengths We will accurately understand, etc., and select and list foreign companies in line with customer requirements.

After that, we will create products, company introductions, PR, and materials in English, and we will also carry out company PR, negotiations (partly), and other troublesome exchanges.

Q5. It is expensive to pay for website listings only.
The website is just a brochure.

It is the main component of the Xiphos service to create documents and conduct sales directly to the relevant company. When selling to the company, the person in charge looks at the website of the company and aims to find secondary effects such as finding companies that are interested in it.

Q6. Are the companies that are subject to the Xiphos service limited to the manufacturing industry?
The target companies are not limited to the manufacturing industry, but can handle all types of industries.

Overseas, the evaluation of Japanese food etc. is also rising year by year, and in some cases, there is also a type of business that is likely to achieve results faster than the manufacturing industry.

Q7. What should we get from overseas information specifically?

The best way is to look at the newspaper and the latest news for the country you have asked.

However, it would be difficult to see the news in English, as it would be huge in volume, so it is better to start with the Japanese version of a newspaper that covers news from around the world such as BBC news I think.

Q8. Is there a seminar or study session?

It will be held on an occasional basis, but can be arranged in line with the person’s stay in Japan.

In addition, if a large number of people gather, you can return home for the start of the course.

Q9. How long does a company that has registered with Xiphos get results?
Foreign companies can make decisions very quickly, and if they understand that they are excellent products and technologies, there is an immediate possibility of contracting.

But it also depends on the situation from time to time and when you want the foreign company to do it. Besides, it is also possible to negotiate the terms and conditions, such as fees, etc., when making a product or an order, so it will be difficult to say if the result will come out by any time.

Q10. Why is Xiphos a one-year contract?
Communication with foreign companies is different in culture and commercial law, so it may take longer than in Japan.

As it is expected that it will take about one year as a guideline, it is this kind of contract term.

Q11. What kinds of products and industries do you really appreciate in the world?
In addition to the Japanese manufacturing industry, which was highly evaluated originally, food and fisheries, alcohol, crafts, etc. are also highly evaluated.

Even things that are quite commonplace in Japan may be highly appreciated overseas. Please be assured that even if you are looking for a marketable product or technology, the experienced staff will deliver advice and information regularly.

Q12. Is there no problem even if the company has no experience in dealing with foreign countries at all?
Yes. Since we deal with all the troublesome procedures on our behalf, there is no problem at all for companies that do not have transactions with foreign countries.
Q13. Is it possible to respond if you actually want to visit the site?

Although an additional charge is required, correspondence is possible.
Q14. What type of industry or product is low or difficult to accept overseas?
Depending on the country, there are strong fields = fields that are highly regarded worldwide.

Even with great products and technologies, it will be difficult to close business negotiations unless the target country’s distribution products and technologies are better or do not require such high-level specifications. You

For example, in Japan there are times when you look at foreign cars, but there is not much except for specific brands and models
I can not see you. Conversely, Japanese cars can be viewed anywhere in the world.

In other words, selling a car to Japan, a major automobile country, is a difficult task, and if you compete in a field that you are not very good at in Japan, or change the target country, you can establish a business. With the network spread throughout the world, we can change agent sales to countries that value the customers’ products and technologies the most.

Q15. If you dare to say that the Japanese industry's reputation is low overseas?

It will become an IT industry if you do it.

In the case of IT programming, etc., foreign languages ​​such as English are often the basis, and it may be difficult to enter overseas based on Japanese-based development.

Q16. Is the end of the service provided by the company on the website? What specifically do you do?
For example, in other companies’ sites, anyone can easily post their products.

As major internet sites have high search hit rates, it is possible for more people to see their products.

However, because there are many similar products, it is very difficult for consumers to choose their own products, unless they are taken up by the impact or the media, and it is highly likely that they will not see the light of the day.

At Xiphos, the main focus is not on the web, but at the outset we understand the ideas, products and technologies of our customers, create presentation materials etc in English, and have the right to select and decide on target companies closely related to our customers. Direct sales to the person in charge.

At that time, the website will be attached as well, so that not only customers who put on agency sales but also other customers who are registered with Xiphos will be able to be seen by foreign business representatives. It becomes.

Q17. To what extent does the Xiphos package correspond?

The range of support varies depending on the course you choose.

The main services of the “ShoChikuBai” Package Course are mainly for listing up foreign companies, agent sales for the whole world, market development, public relations, and preparation of English documents for sales, etc., which are business targets of each company. Depending on the course you choose, we will support negotiations (partly) and meetings.

Not eligible for support from the time the contract is issued from the customer or the foreign company concerned,You can apply for contract options or you will be able to respond on your own.

Although this is the reason, even if the contents agreed with each other at the negotiation stage, there is a case where the contract submitted by the foreign company does not specify it, or the contents that have not been discussed, etc. Often Also, even if the contents of the agreement have been reached, foreign companies may change their mind when the Japanese company issues a contract.

It is an option because it requires special skills to check carefully, including from a legal point of view.

Q18. Can ShoChikuBai Xiphos Package Service find local partners or agencies?

We look for a local partner company according to your request.

Depending on the course you have chosen, please list up local partner companies and agencies, negotiate (before the contract is issued), etc., as it is within the service provided by Xiphos. If you want to place a production site locally, or Contract confirmation etc. will be out of service.

Q19. Is it possible to set up a production base locally or support corporate establishment?
Although it is outside the service of “ShoChikuBai” Xiphos package service, it is possible to respond as an option.

Since the main service of the Xiphos package service is a sales representative, unfortunately the service is not available for local production bases and establishment of a corporation.

However, please be assured that we can respond in the form of options .

Q20. What is the content of the Xiphos package service and options?
With Xiphos, we can handle all the things needed to make it overseas.

Although this is a cost issue, please be assured that we can handle most of the requests that customers normally make when going overseas.

Q21. How is it different from other sites?
Unlike other sites that only register, on this site, depending on your subscription plan, we will operate on behalf of customers directly on a 24/7 basis on behalf of customers.
Q22. How long is it effective?
As it varies depending on the type of industry and product, it may be difficult to convey the period in which the effects will be realized specifically.

As there are three years on the stone and there is a proverb, there is also a need to have a long-term perspective and not go abroad. However, foreign companies are very early in their judgment, so if the product matches the needs, there may be cases where the business talk has been completed in as little as two weeks.

Q23. Is the price expensive?
For example, if you go on a business trip with two people, it may vary depending on the number of days,

If you include travel expenses, accommodation expenses, food expenses, etc., you need about 200,000 yen per person. If you do this twice a year, it costs about 800,000 yen. In addition, there is also a reality where unfortunately you can not decide on business negotiations during a business trip.

On behalf of all of you at Xiphos, we will represent you around the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Although travel will be necessary for the final purpose of the contract conclusion, since Xiphos will negotiate to some extent in advance, the number of business trips is minimal. From the time, effort and money point of view, it can be said that the price and service of Xiphos are reasonable.

Depending on your budget, you can choose from three service plans.

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