The Coronavirus, which is said to have originated from Wuhan in China, is now spreading around the world. It was around January 2020 that the Coronavirus began to appear on topics such as news, so it seems that in just a month or two, there are no strangers around the world.

In the past, humans have killed one-quarter of the total human population and 60% of the total population in Europe. The human race has fought with countless plagues, but the speed of the human-to-human transmission was limited due to the means of transportation in the Middle Ages, such as sailing boats and carriages. It is thought that this high-speed infection spread because almost all parts of the earth could be moved back and forth.

The time when the outbreak of Coronavirus was confirmed was also very bad, and it is undeniable that the Chinese people hit the Lunar New Year, when large ethnic migration occurred, and boosted the spread of the infected area.

If is a forbidden thing in history, if the outbreak time of the Coronavirus was shifted from the time of this ethnic migration, it might have braked the spread of infection.

The response after the existence of the Coronavirus was confirmed in various countries, but despite various unavoidable circumstances and unlucky parts, it must be said that Japan’s response was slow. think.

This is not limited to the Coronavirus this time, but this is greatly influenced by the temperament and character of the Japanese. Originally, the Japanese empowered one person, and there is no culture to judge things domestically at the responsibility of the person. By placing multiple persons in charge and establishing a consensus system without imposing responsibility on one person, we have improved the degree of completion of the plan and distributed risks.

In normal times, this method can be sufficient, but in the event of a sudden emergency such as this, it is undeniable that the Japanese way of doing things became an obstacle.

It can be said that sometimes the politicians need the courage to cut off the smalls in order to make use of the larges. The media and human rights defenders shout loudly for helping the vulnerable and tend to blame very decisions. This is very important, but the case in Japan is a little different from overseas, and this accusation is often out of the question or unusual.

Although it is difficult to understand from the common sense of the world, Japanese people tend to excessively despise their own countries and their own people and make masochistic noise. In addition, honesty is a beloved virtue, but from a global perspective, it is necessary to use it properly depending on the time and the case.

In some cases, even if the government is not worried about public opinion, even if public opinion reported by the media is critical (aside from whether it is the true consensus of the people), in some cases it must be pushed through.

For example, when a Coronavirus broke out from Wuhan, the Philippine government, with the authority of the President, decided not to allow entry from an airplane arriving from Wuhan and just returned the Chinese.

In the United States, not only Wuhan but also Chinese people refused to enter the country, restrained the spread of infection, and isolated people at risk of infection at designated facilities under the control of the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Even Australia, which has been heavily influenced by Chinese immigration and investment from China, has announced that it has isolated infected and at-risk individuals on Christmas Island, an isolated island more than 1500 kilometers from mainland Australia.

In Japan, there is no law that can be said to be common sense in the world, and it may be difficult to take measures and decisions in case of emergency, but when flying a government-led charter flight to Wuhan, I was very surprised at the lack of secure detention facilities after returning to Japan and the fact that virus testing was not required as a boarding condition.話 If you ask a person who has the possibility of spreading infection to request an optional test, you will be amazed to hear it overseas.

Because the constitution may be involved in top-down judgments in the event of an emergency, it is not possible to revise it promptly, but we cannot deny the possibility that such a pandemic will occur in the future. It seems that it is necessary to unify the jurisdiction in the event of an emergency, as in the case of the CDC, and build a facility to isolate infected people even on an isolated island. It can be said that the facilities on the remote island can be effectively used if used together as a facility for illegal foreigners whose capacity is completely over in normal times.

I think that there will be some people who are making noise again when constructing the facility, but globally it is necessary to take some strict measures.