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¥440,000 p/y(inc-initial cost & tax)


In search of business potential with foreign countries, it is a service mainly based on the information collection that is recommended for those who want to see the situation a little further in order to develop sales channels in earnest, and those who want to utilize limited funds effectively It is

When expanding overseas, it is essential to collect basic information on the country concerned and to grasp the market situation of your products and services. You can set business plans and sales targets by grasping the demand for your products and services in the market in advance.

We will also conduct interviews with customers' products and ideas, and submit PR documents or samples in English to foreign companies. Satisfied with popular market research, not the end, you can get a live direct voice from customers. Rather than market research for disc work, professional staff can provide accurate advice based on that information.

We can not convey PR for different countries in addition to sentences. We will distribute the products and services of the customer on the website more strongly overseas by incorporating visual effects such as videos and images on the website.

1)Hearing of products and services&advice
First, we will conduct interviews with customers' products and services. Even in Japan, there are strong commercial products, but there are cases where they differ from overseas. Experts will give appropriate advice, such as which company's product lineup is appropriate and where is the target country.
2)Prepare English PR documents
When introducing contacts and their products to foreign-affiliated companies, we will prepare documents in English (up to 2 pages). Just make contact in a blind way or in a more effective way familiar with foreign businesses rather than Japanese PR.
3)Direct agency sales to the foreign company
We make full use of our network, and proxy sales to each company based on the documents created on behalf of our company.
4)Feedback from overseas companies
We receive feedback from foreign-affiliated companies that provide product and service descriptions and samples, and deliver live feedback from customers.
5)Exchange support with foreign companies
Some negotiations and exchanges in English, etc., we will act on behalf of customers, support at the initial stage.
6)Company, product introduction, image, video delivery in English on the Xiphos website
Japanese common sense is not common sense in the world. There are many parts that can not be communicated only by the text, and we use videos and images to promote to foreign companies more deeply.

・Company introduction video 30 seconds (Please prepare your own video.)
・3 images of products and services (Please prepare your own images etc.)
・Company, product description English text within 300 characters
It will be published on the Xiphos web site
・Top page each category target industry
・Top page NEW COMPANIES section (random display)
・After clicking SEE MORE NEW COMPANIES, it will be displayed on NEW COMPANIES

7)Analysis report submission
Once a year we give you a report that summarizes the process and results.

By combining the Xiphos package service specialized for agency sales with various Xiphos optional services, further improvement can be expected.

Xiphos recommended combination

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