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Strategy review

“I’ve already made a foray abroad, but it’s growing up” If you didn’t get what you originally expected, you don’t have to give up! While there are many people who are troubled not to go through the first step, it is a positive action in itself to move into overseas expansion.

Just as with the courage to go from time to time, you also need “the courage to think about stopping” . For our customers who are stopping and searching for the next policy, we will reorganize our overseas strategy with “emergency rescue measures” and immediately execute the rebuilding!


1)Identify the problems from the current objective point of view.

Humans are emotional creatures. When things go wrong or things don’t carry well, we need to look over the current situation objectively, without emotions. At first we grasp current situation and find out problems.

2)Immediate improvement of problems and planning of new strategies

If you find a problem, you just need to improve it. We have grasped the pattern of problems that Japanese companies that have made inroads with overseas have years of experience. At the same time, we will develop new strategies while improving the problems, and we will support the strategic intentions smoothly.

3)Reconstruction of local partner companies

There may be cases in which communication and collaboration between Japan and a local partner company are not successful. If the person in charge of our company jumps to the local area and decides that it is difficult to improve the problem with the local company, we will list up new business partners and support the contract.

Maximum strength, features

1)Find problems in a short time

As soon as you get back to normal, as with disease, strategy construction requires less time, effort and money. At first we listen to the current situation of the customer and find out the problems instantly.

2)Cost saving reuse

At this stage, even if the overseas expansion originally did not have the expected profits, all of the strategies and plans are wrong, and it is not necessary to totally replace them.

By finding problems immediately, re-installing parts that need to be replaced, and keeping normal parts, you reduce the cost of re-extracting.

Verification from various angles, strategy rebuilding

In the case of A, in the case of B, it is a bad place of Japanese to answer automatically with B and B. If you believe that the answer according to Theory is the correct answer, you can not formulate flexible ideas and measures.

From the perspective of global standards, our personnel will analyze and validate from various angles, build new strategies, and make proposals, regardless of the existing theory.

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