The corona measures are also a bit pushy, but I feel like I’m going to go to the middle of the day. Perhaps it is the national character of Japan, but compared to other countries, we were lagging behind in opening gates, but it can be said that we have recovered to a state close to that before COVID-19.

Now that it is possible to travel overseas, many Japanese companies that had refrained from doing business with foreign countries have recently resumed their activities. Unfortunately, it is not possible to say that the domestic market in Japan is likely to improve significantly in the future. In many cases, such results cannot be obtained.

 In recent years, with the spread of SNS, etc., overseas information has become more accessible than before. It may differ from the deployment of experts. Selection around here. It can be said that a certain amount of basic knowledge is necessary to judge the accuracy of information resources by yourself.
For example, one way to do business overseas is to go abroad and establish a local subsidiary. However, establishing a local subsidiary is positioned as the final stage of overseas expansion, and there is a stage to be done before that.

 As a normal process, we start by researching the target country to see if there are products and potential for our company. The first step in seeking business opportunities overseas is to seek profits that cannot be obtained in Japan. You have to With the development of the Internet and SNS, it is very dangerous to judge that these information transmissions are sufficient.

 SNSs are valuable sources of information that can be obtained free of charge, but instead of relying on them, it is necessary to arrange an air ticket and go directly to the site, although it is expensive and time consuming. In addition, if you do not stay in the area just once, but if possible, stay several times in different seasons so that you can experience the local economy and customs throughout the year. Feeling this skin sensation will be a milestone for business success overseas.

Next, if we can determine that there is a possibility, we will work with local collaborators or cooperating companies (distributors, etc.) to increase the name recognition and spread of our products.
I’m not getting enough profit from these processes. Only after we can judge that the current method is inefficient, we can see a model of establishing a local subsidiary and getting on the ground (sending personnel). If we only look at the establishment of a local subsidiary, it is possible to make a box relatively easily. Just making and maintaining a decorative box will incur a lot of expenses. Only after being able to pay those expenses sufficiently, will it be the flow of establishing an overseas corporation.

 It is also an important point to establish an overseas corporation and who will operate it locally. If you think it is a little uneasy to leave the operation to a visa holder who has no problems with working such as local nationality or permanent residency, you need to dispatch yourself or someone from Japan to the country. In that case, you will have to obtain a visa of some kind, such as a work visa, but you need to understand that obtaining this visa is not easy and the hurdles are high.

It is never a bad choice to seek sales channels overseas, but rather than relying on information from SNS, etc., it is better to spend time, money, and effort to experience local information firsthand. Recommended.